Natural Aroma Diffuser

You can make a beautiful healing space with delicate beauty of KUMIKO and gentle aroma in your room.


You can use this KUMIKO as a natural aroma diffuser.

The gentle aroma that was soaked into wood spreads in the room by volatilizing.

This item can be used safety in your house if you have small children, because it does't need any heat or fire.

Just to drop aroma to the diffuser, you can enjoy it easily! 

【How to use】

Please drop your favorite aroma into this KUMIKO craft!

・ Choose 3 or 4 points to drop aromas which are red circled, and drop it just 1 drop each point.

・Display it on your favorite place, and enjoy KUMIKO and the beautiful aroma!


・Avoid drop aroma to junctions to maintain a quality of it.

・There is a possibility of oozing the little aroma from the item, if you mind please prepare something to protect.

・The aroma is not included.

・Avoid strong impact, because this item is used delicate technique.