three points of j LIfe gifts simplicity

1)Making the most of the woods we use.

Wood the surface of which has not been finished is called "Shiraki" or "unfinished wood".  By using Shiraki to create each of our products, it is possible for us to make the most of the special characteristics and natural beauty of each of the woods we use.  The fragrances, colors and textures of these woods bring peace into each and every stage of our lives. KUMIKO in which the final product features only the natural coloring of the wood rather than artificial colors, and in which each work is created only from carefully-prepared wood, produces an elegant, warm sense of beauty the likes of which cannot be found anywhere else.



2)Building on a foundation of linear and traditional design.

There are said to be around 200 existing designs in the art of KUMIKO, the majority of which feature linear, geometric shapes.  The geometric patterns, said to have been inspired by the natural world, have a timeless, universal beauty , loved by many throughout history.  Our products are also based on these linear and traditional designs in order to carry  on the tradition and earn your continued love throughout the years.

3)Creating high-quality crafts that are not blown                                 by the changing winds of fashion.

In today's world, where there are more and more objects in our lives, we have access to more beautiful and convenient products than ever.  KUMIKO has long been used as a decorative technique in traditional Japanese joinery, and it was not originally conceived for practicality.  Because of this, seeking practicality creates a divide between the artisan and the customer.  This is the philosophy behind the J LIFE gifts approach of creating products with an emphasis on "decoration", which is the original purpose of KUMIKO.  We believe that it is " functionality", rather than "practicality", that is required when fusing traditional crafts with our modern lifestyle, and we are confident that our products, backed by the crafting skill and technique cultivated over the 50 years since our joinery was founded, will earn your love and peace of mind for years and years to come. These are by no means " useful" tools.  Nevertheless, we hope to bring these carefully- created works of art to more and more customers, one at a time.

【The origin of J LIFE gifts】

J : All of the products we deal in are J WOOD products. We use the first letter, "J," to stand for the directness with which our craftspeople express their roughly 30 years of experience to our customers through their work.


LIFE : From the desire to provide a "KUMIKO life" to all.

gifts : From the desire that an appreciation of our products and the art of KUMIKO will pass and spread from person to person, just as KUMIKO itself has been passed down through generations of craftsmen.


The interior shop of Japanese traditional technique KUMIKO in Kyoto


■ Company name : J LIFE gifts

■ Established : April/2017

■ Occupation : Purchase of  KUMIKO crafts