In order to make you feel more familiar with the KUMIKO,  we have prepared some more Western Style KUMIKO Frame. The inside panels are made of a light-colored cypress,  and the outside edge is a reddish cedar.


one side : 237㎜ / length : 26㎜


We also have a long frame that you can use in both vertical and horizontal.  This frame also is the cedar.



height : 125㎜ / width : 440㎜ / length : 15㎜


You can make your original frame by choosing the pattern of cypress panels and the shape of the frames.  At the bottom of the page,  please refer to the description of each pattern.  First of all, please choose the four panels of your favorite pattern and the frame, and contact us from the inquiry form. Since the prices differ according to which frams you choose, we will check your choice and send you the estimate and delivery date via e-mail.

If you would like to purchase, please contact us from this form.

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J LIFE gifts Japanese traditional technique KUMIKO Frame

KUMIKO Frame : No.1

This frame has 'Asanoha', 'Kakubishi', 'Kiri', 'Tanoji'

from left side in the long frame.

You can get this at the same price even in vertical. 

                                       ¥ 36,400 (+tax)

J LIFE gifts Japanese traditional technique KUMIKO Frame

KUMIKO Frame : No.3

This frame has 'Asanoha', 'Kakubishi', 'Tanoji', 'Kiri'

in the square frame.

                                        ¥ 41,600 (+tax)

J LIFE gifts Japanese traditional technique KUMIKO Frame

KUIKO Frame : No.2

This frame has 4 'Kiri' panels in the long frame.

'Kiri' is beautiful just in itself.  But the gorgeous atmosphere and delicate pattern are enhanced by lining up some in one frame.  There is atmosphere that is different from other frames.  We highly recommend it.

                                         ¥ 54,600 (+tax)

The origin of the pattern


This pattern mean to 



There is the meaning of 'Talisman' in triangle.

The 'Asanoha'  which is made of some triangles is said to have a strong meaning.  It is used for clothes for newborn baby.




This pattern mean to  'Health' and 'Prosperity of descendants'.


This pattern is made in the shape of a ‘Leaf of Hishi’.

‘Hishi’ is one of the aquatic plants that have strong breeding power, so ‘Kakubishi has that meaning.  It is commonly used at hotels and wedding halls.




It is made in the shape of a Japanese Kanji '田'.   


It is made in the shape of the leaf.  ‘Kiri’ is the symble of elegant, there is the atmosphere calm and gorgeous.