Please send it as a present to someone.

                                             ¥ 2,500 (+tax)

Size / diameter : 125mm,  thickness : 13mm

Size of wrapping / length : 145mm,  width : 130mm 

 *This item include a wrapping.

You can choose a design of craft flower, if you give us time to prepare.


There are not any certain uses with it, because we wish you to choose uses in each parson's life style. 

You can enjoy it up to your ideas!

The palm sized KUMIKO that has the warmth of wood.

We made it with our wish that KUMIKO will be more easy to use in everyone's lifestyle.

You can get it for yourself, also for someone's special gift!

When you use it as a ornament on a wall, you can use an attached strap.

[A craft flower is stuck on the strap.  If you would like to use it as a coaster, please take it off strap.]


You can use this KUMIKO as a coaster.


You can use this KUMIKO as a ornament.

aroma diffuser

You can use this KUMIKO as a aroma diffuser.

A pattern of asanoha

A pattern of KUMIKO gift is called 'Asanoha', because it is shaped like "麻"Asa.

Asa can grow for 4m in 4 months, 

so this pattern contain a wish for children's healthy growth.

Also,  a triangle contain a wish for talisman, 

Asanoha that has some triangles is auspicious pattern in Japan. 

This KUMIKO pattern contain a wish for children's healthy growth.

This KUMIKO is shaped hexagonal that is lucky charm.

a hexagonal pattern is           lucky charm.

A outer frame is shaped hexagonal, and it looks like turtle shell.  The turtle and crane symbolize longevity in Japan, so it has been regarded as lucky charm since a lot time ago.


Large order is available.

You can place large order when you hold some important event!

■Note : If you order more 10, please give us a few days until date of shipment. 

If you are in a hurry, we recommend for you to make contact with us as soon as possible.

*Image is for illustration purposes.


We can accept your large order for your event!!

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