Fit naturally into lifestyle.

An ornament on the wall or shelf...

A coaster for a vase or cup... 

A screen with your favorite items ...


This KUMIKO item can fit into your lifestyle.

【胡麻柄 -Goma- 】¥3,500 (+tax)

【桜亀甲 -Cherry blossom- 】¥5,000 (+tax)

【花柄 -Flower- 】¥5,000 (+tax)

【二重麻の葉 -Double Asanoha- 】 ¥6,000 (+tax)


A outer frame is shaped hexagonal, and it looks like turtle shell.  The turtle and crane symbolize longevity in Japan, so it has been regarded as lucky charm since a lot time ago.


You can order a set of four.

You can order not only just favorite one, but also a beautiful set of four.

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