J LIFE gifts Story

"I wish each of my products will go to someone who wants it."

 A maker had been making his products in his spare time to give his friends until the J LIFE gifts was established. 

He gave a happy smile saying “I want each of my products will be used by someone who wants it.”

In addition, another maker also said “I feel happy from the bottom of my heart when my product finds a buyer.” 

Such feelings of them lie at the basis of their faithful and meticulous works with a history of over 50 years,

and it is reflected in the delicateness and warmth of their products. 

I want to find people in the world who will say "I want it."

 KUMIKO is not well known abroad, and even in Japan neither.

Moreover, the fact that KUMIKO is not well known means the number of KUMIKO remaining in the future will decrease. 

Not only its products and the craftsmanship but also the makers ideas, which underlie the history of KUMIKO, will be ended there.

“I want a lot more people to know the makers’ honest attitudes and their heart-warming products.”

“I hope people all over the world will have KUMIKO in their lives in the future.”

Hoping it, I decided to set up an J LIFE gifts to look for people globally who will say “I want it.”

The reason we care about the traditional shape

It is said that KUMIKO’s fundamentally linear design of geometrical patterns originated in  inspiration from nature,

and its universal beauty have been loved by people for a long time.

Besides, the tone, the touch, and the scent of woods can give peace of mind to people's lives in all ages.

KUMIKO, the skill for traditional craft, was born in old times, and have been appreciated and inherited as a beautiful craft through the ages.  That is because KUMIKO has attracted people with its in ornate  and simple charm as well as the meticulous craftsmanship of makers.

We are confident with the durability and the safety of our products,

so, with hope that our products keep to be loved by people in their future lives, we care about manufacturing of the products

to highlight the charms of tradition without introducing the up-to-date elements into it. 

the craft products J LIFE gifts provide and everyone says "I want"

It is the key word, ‘simple’, that we found after thinking out to blend ‘modernity’ and ‘tradition.’

We repeated trial and error many times with the makers, simple products, simple concepts, etc.

At last, we reached the ideal of products we should provide which, though simple looking, convey uprightly the makers’ passion for manufacturing and our wish upon them.

By providing our products to as many people as possible from now,

we want to continue our activities to make both people smile, who say “I want” and who are delighted to see them saying it.

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